Imagine Solutions Conference 2010

February 22 & 23, 2010

About The Event

The Imagine Solutions Conference 2010 was an invitation-only, limited-attendance event that will target seasoned thought leaders who have a connection to Southwest Florida. This group of intellectually astute influencers and doers will find motivation through the delivery of insightful information, inspiring speakers, a robust resource network.

Forty of the brightest minds, including academicians, scientists, entrepreneurs and the world’s top thought leaders on issues ranging from health, energy, environment, education and the economy gathered for two days to inspire and motivate a highly engaged audience.

Leading-edge thinking, a world-class setting, an intimate audience and networking opportunities to connect with speakers and like-minded attendees made Imagine Solutions a life-changing experience. Participants gained dozens of actionable ideas, a new network of relationships and renewed inspiration to create a better world.

Event Highlights

  • Two days, 40 speakers
  • Meaningful one-on-one time with world-class speakers
  • Relationships, associations and networking opportunities
  • Ten significant conversational breaks with highly regarded thought leaders
  • Five meals (breakfast, lunch, two breaks, cocktail reception and dinner) each day
  • Speaker bookstore on location
  • Autographed books

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