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Blog Share Read More Takeaways and Lessons Learned: What Attending Imagine Solutions Means for You

Aside from the inspiration and intellectual expansion, what are the reasons to attend a thought leader conference like Imagine Solutions? We can make all the arguments in the world for why we think it’s a good and worthy expenditure of your time. But what are the key takeaways for you as a business, nonprofit, or community leader? Something we regularly promote as a benefit is the networking..

Blog Share Read More Imagine Solutions Seminars: How Technology Is Changing Money

If you asked a room of people, have you heard of cryptocurrency, and do you understand its function and impact, likely most everyone would answer in the affirmative to the first question, and a lesser number would concur with the latter. If you asked the same room, have you heard of blockchain, and do you understand it, the rates of response might be a little fuzzier, though still skewing towards ..

Blog Share Read More Imagine Solutions: Real Results and Community Impact by the Numbers

At Imagine Solutions, we like food for thought. That can be figuratively, in the form of listening to those who are the very best at what they do talk about their accomplishments and the tangible ways in which they’ve changed the world. This is the sort of intellectual nourishment we get from attending our thought leader Conference and Seminars. This is the sustenance we rely on, trusting th..

Blog Share Read More Breakthrough Ideas and the Innovators who Bring them to Life

Breakthrough is one of those words in the English language that manages to essentially say what it means, implying the breaking through of some obstacle or barrier. Less simple is to achieve meaningful breakthrough when it comes to the world’s most pressing questions. At the Imagine Solutions Conference, a celebration of big ideas and the thought leaders who turn them into action, breakthrough i..

Blog Share Read More Imagine Solutions Seminars: ‘Understanding China’ Recap

A packed audience in the Community School of Naples’ G&L Theatre on November 12 was privy to a detailed presentation from RAND Corporation expert Timothy Heath on the subject of ‘Understanding China’ as part of the ongoing Imagine Solutions Seminar series. Heath has dedicated his career to studying and understanding the underlying motivators, trends, cultural and political priorities, and hi..

Blog Share Read More Ideas on the Edges at Imagine Solutions

If you visit the Events page on the Imagine Solutions website, you’ll first see the words, “ideas at the edges.” Far from just a catchy tagline, this is an ethos we embrace. Consider how our speakers confirmed for the February 24, 2020 Imagine Solutions Conference embody that notion. A return speaker for 2020 will be Mike Gunton. Mike is a BBC producer who travels the world telling essent..

Blog Share Read More Speak to Me: How Does the Imagine Solutions Conference Find Renowned Global Thought Leaders Each Year?

It starts as soon as, or even sometimes before, each year’s Imagine Solutions Conference has ended: speaker selection for the following year. Bringing in approximately 20 nationally and internationally renowned experts is no small feat. How does it work? Read on for insights into Imagine Solutions’ speaker identification methodology. On occasion, we will have been in talks with a potential ..

Blog Share Read More What Sets Imagine Solutions Apart from Other Thought Leader Conferences?

The Imagine Solutions Conference was born a decade ago out of a notion that if we could be proactive about bringing together the world’s leading experts on topics ranging from the arts to business to science to social good, and a few hundred audience members with either the means or the inclination or both to act on some of these experts’ ideas, then consider the results! Thought leader confer..