Sponsors from throughout the United States and across Southwest Florida generously make the Imagine Solutions Conference and Imagine Solutions Seminars possible.

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    As a sponsor, you may receive benefits such as:


    Complimentary tickets to and VIP complimentary passes at the Conference or Seminars.


    Special access to our speakers.


    Acknowledgement on event programming and in event promotion, thanking you for your contribution.


    A connection point to hundreds of similarly curious and passionate community leaders.

    To inquire about sponsorship, please contact Randy Antik at randy@imaginesolutionsconference.com or (214) 215-6000.


    To host a 650-person conference and three separate 240-person seminars requires a substantial group effort, including plentiful day-of volunteers. Volunteers assist with a variety of tasks and, for their efforts, are rewarded with insider access to Imagine Solutions’ world-class thought leader events.

    To learn more about volunteering with Imagine Solutions, please reach out to us at hello@imaginesolutionsconference.com.

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    Where would we be without our attendees?

    Certainly nowhere nearly as fun or interesting. Our sponsors and volunteers graciously enable us to welcome you by the hundreds to our one-day Imagine Solutions Conference each February and our three Imagine Solutions Seminars. By attending an Imagine Solutions event, you are helping to achieve our mission of exploring and spreading the big ideas that are responding to the very biggest of questions.

    As an Imagine Solutions attendee, you are more than just an individual person—you are part of a movement and a community. We appreciate your loyalty, and ask that, if you can, you invite a friend the next time who you think might share your fascination. Talk to the people around you, and continue to be curious. If you’re feeling inspired, visit our Events page to learn more and register.

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