Ideas at the edges

Imagine Solutions: A nationally recognized Thought Leader Conference & 3 deep-dive Seminars driven by a profound respect for learning

An experience that awes and inspires. Events that compel you to think and think again. Speakers and presentations that leave you wanting more because the ideas and endorphins racing through your brain are sending you a message: what you’ve just learned is important and exhilarating.

Ideas at the edges—breakthroughs, cutting-edge concepts—still fuzzy in most minds—will be brought into sharp focus by some of the most visionary thinkers in the world at the Imagine Solutions Conference in February and three Imagine Solutions Seminars: November, January & March.


14th Annual National
Thought Leaders Conference
Held in Naples, Florida
March 6, 2023

Leadership, Innovation, Inspiration
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln. Now is the time to focus on the leaders and innovations moving us toward a better future. Join us on March 6, 2023, and be inspired by thought leaders, game changers and inventors across the landscape of science, technology, medicine, education, the arts, exploration, and more.

20+ speakers • 10 important topics • 1 incredible day
All are leaders. All are innovators. All will inspire us.


Follow The Money Seminar
November 15, 2022
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
G&L Theater on the Campus of Community School of Naples

Follow The Money
Drew Sullivan, is a social entrepreneur and co-founder and publisher of OCCRP. He founded the organization in 2007 with Paul Radu and helped pioneer the model of cross-border collaborative investigative journalism.