What Sets Imagine Solutions Apart from Other Thought Leader Conferences?

The Imagine Solutions Conference was born a decade ago out of a notion that if we could be proactive about bringing together the world’s leading experts on topics ranging from the arts to business to science to social good, and a few hundred audience members with either the means or the inclination or both to act on some of these experts’ ideas, then consider the results! Thought leader conferences are not a new idea. Our own was inspired in part by events like TED, the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Skoll Foundation’s World Forum, and other like gatherings. So, then, what does distinguish Imagine Solutions?

For one, we have long been the preeminent thought leader conference in Florida. Many other such events in the United States are clustered in California, particularly in and around Silicon Valley, and in major East Coast locations. Aspen Ideas, of course, has a strong foothold in Colorado, but the Aspen Institute retains significant presence in both Washington, DC and New York City (to say nothing of their outposts around the globe). Imagine Solutions is unique in having identified its home, from day one, in Naples, Florida. In fact, the robust Southwest Florida community was key to our origination, with hundreds of active and former business and nonprofit leaders in the region.

Two, our speakers enjoy coming to Imagine Solutions just as much as our audience members. Over the years, we have had multiple return speakers, who report how much they personally have derived from the experience. That is largely attributable to the format of the day, which intentionally builds in opportunities for speakers and attendees to meet and interact in an open, unstructured way. We find that curiosity plus access plus conversation can frequently lead to positive action.

Also noteworthy, Imagine Solutions is fully administered as a nonprofit 501(c)(3). This allows us to maximize our local reach, ensuring leaders of our Southwest Florida nonprofits are able to attend. We work closely with myriad Southwest Florida businesses, schools, nonprofit and civic organizations, and caring individuals to create a culture that is collaborative and impact-driven. These relationships we have been proud to grow over the last ten years have enabled Imagine Solutions to bring about tangible results, connecting those with need and those with capacity in service of impact.

While little in this modern world can be guaranteed, we are highly confident that when you come to an Imagine Solutions event, whether it be our one-day Conference or our individual Seminars, you will leave having learned something new, thought something different, and met someone interesting.