Still Curious After All These Years

When you come to the Imagine Solutions website, you see two distinct categories of events listed: our annual one-day Conference, and our individual topic Seminars. Even if you’ve been to the Conference sometime during our 10-year history, you may not recognize the Seminars. There’s a good reason for that: they’re new! We hosted our inaugural Imagine Solutions Seminar in April 2019, welcoming RAND Corporation’s Bruce Bennett to speak on the subject of North Korea, an event that was lauded by participants as compelling and worthy.

With our successful history of hosting full-day thought leader conferences, what motivated us to launch these one-topic events? Simply, we consistently heard from our attendees over the years how much they enjoyed the opportunity to learn from and with the leaders and experts who join us each February, and we wanted to provide additional opportunities to dig in throughout the year. Coming up, the Imagine Solutions Seminars will be held on November 12, 2019, and again in January and March 2020, and each will cover a single issue of timely interest.

In November 2019, we’ll again welcome an expert from RAND Corporation. Tim Heath will join Imagine Solutions to present ‘Understanding China—and Why You Should Be Concerned.’ Heath is a senior international defense researcher and a member of RAND’s China Strategic Focus Group. With more than 15 years of targeted focus on China-related issues, Heath will share an approximately 45-minute presentation and then welcome questions from attendees. This interactive, deeper depth format enables patrons to obtain a fuller understanding of the material at hand.

A primary component of Imagine Solutions’ overall mission is a genuine belief in the power of curiosity. There is no shortage of serious questions in the world requiring equally serious attention. What we’ve always wondered is, who is doing something about coming up with the right answers? We established the Imagine Solutions Conference a decade ago to give a platform to the solution-seekers, and to expose their insights, ideas, and ingenuity to an audience of doers in their own right. By introducing Imagine Solutions Seminars, we are intentionally growing our reach, giving voice to more experts, and connecting them with people who are poised to make a difference.

If you are new to either the Conference or the Seminars, be sure to read more on our Events page. Even if you are a regular visitor to Imagine Solutions, you may want to check out specific details about upcoming events to entice and pique your own curiosity.