6 Ways we serve our Local Community

Our speakers and subject matter are global—but the opportunities they present and the connections we nurture are local.

Like most Thought Leader Conferences, Imagine Solutions has strong local connections. We are managed and operated by local community leaders, and funded by a locally backed public 501(c)(3) foundation established in 2008.

Our sense of community service is always front and center:

  1. Imagine Solutions underwrites scholarships for non-profit leadersand Golden Apple winners to attend our annual Conference. Since 2015, we have underwritten $251,060 in scholarships for non-profit leaders and provided a scholarship every year to the top 12 teachers (Golden Apple) in Collier and Lee Counties, totaling $46,800 to date.
  2. We provide national thought leaders as speakers for events hosted by non-profit organizationsacross the community. Some organizations that have benefitted are: Florida Gulf Coast University, the Shelter for Abused Women, Naples Botanical Garden, Community School of Naples, Neighborhood Health Clinic and several others
  3. We kickstart new concepts in our community. Initiatives and collaborations with which we had some involvement include the Naples Senior Center at JFCS; NEXTGEN® Speaker Series, a gathering of America’s most distinguished business leaders; Great Institutions Speaker Series for our public schools; and, the Presidents Speaker Series at Florida Gulf Coast University.
  4. Imagine Solutions instituted a strategic partnership with FGCU to create/implement an Imagine Solutions Seminar series – for in-depth talks by foremost experts on current critical issues in a more intimate and interactive setting.
  5. We created a program for the Fortune 500 CEOswith connections to SW Florida enabling key connections, and conversations/ideas with leaders of our universities, our schools, our health care organizations. 72 Fortune 500 CEOs participate
  6. We created/led a “Collaboration of Non-Profit Leadership Organizations” sharing information and making our community aware of their programs.

A major goal of the Imagine Solutions Conference is to link learning with leadership. In the words of Imagine Solutions CEO Randy Antik, “The ultimate goal is that members of our community walk away inspired by the accomplishments of others, more knowledgeable about a variety of important topics, and motivated to leverage or locally apply some of the “Big Ideas” presented.”