The Music Behind Breaking Bad

The Taalbi Brothers share their personal journey of family and mucic. Their upbringing in a large family in Wisconsin with a love for music, inspired the brothers to develop their own style of guitar playing and writing their own music. They perform their original song, “Freestyle” that made them famous in the movie Breaking Bad along with other great songs.

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[Music] [Music] thank you thank you very much thank you so much how are you feeling that's
pretty energetic thank you I'm Preston I'm Bronson or the tabby brothers we've been playing music together our whole lives and music playing music does something to your mind I think it brings a meditative state to your mind and I don't think we realized this early on growing up but in a world where we are continually distracted fighting for our attention we were more focused on our instruments and playing getting better faster playing new songs writing new songs and excuse me well yeah we didn't realize we didn't realize that and it became a nice meditative practice we
continued to travel and perform and we stayed with our brother Ryan from Madison Wisconsin we stayed with her brother Ryan is here and we played at a hotel in Hollywood and through those performances we played played and practice and we eventually met some people who got our song on television and at ages 13 and 15 at the time that was our dream was just to play music for a living and that started to become a reality and it was those experiences we would play so often and practice so much at one point we had to go to our mother's nail salon and get nails put on because otherwise we would just shred right through him so we're in middle school wearing nails you
know looks how it looks but it was through those experiences of playing through the blood the sweat and the tears that we started realizing the importance and the the hard work and the attention to the craft really does pay off in the end and inspire to share that message we were learning we visited our old elementary school in Madison and we talked to a couple classes of kids about how they can use that technique playing music to work through the bumps in their roads and to how to use their creative minds and put it to something that they may love to do every day and talking to those couple classes of 20 or so kids was amazing so you can imagine how our feeling today
with all of you amazing people and we just really appreciate the opportunity to perform for you and to put the message that if you teach kids to play music you're also teaching them a lot of different lessons in return and now we're going to play freestyle the song that made it onto Breaking Bad they [Music]
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thank you thank you very much thank you very much um as I was discovering music as a listener I was also discovering it as like a writer at the same time kind of it's just kind of how it happened it was like here it is and then I don't know the next step was like how do I have one you know you know what I mean I remember the first song I rode was around age 7 or 8 and a family room couch around 7 or 8 I remember what just like sucked me and was I thought I had invented this chord progression as you might know like if you've ever seen those youtube videos where it's like here's one chord progression and here's like a hundred
hits with that one it was that one it was like that chord progression and I was just in the bedroom and I found it and that cousin coming from there I was something very simple and I had found this chord progression I was playing over and over and it was just like I don't know it's kind of like you just got in this pod it's almost like deprivation tank or what is it the sensory deprivation tank you just get in this pod it's like riding in this thing and it's so simple but you know there's a lot there looking for it the meditative state yeah that's what it is yeah I remember the the pression was great I remember like words came really quick and just here's kind of out when I remember how it went which is odd because I don't remember a lot of my songs singing phone's ringing again I think it's my old friend and his posse of jerks right now think they're better than me although I can't disagree I just wish that they'd let me be so that's obviously like thank
you very much so that's obviously like you just go in this end state of music and then outcomes like school was really bad today you know what I mean like that's it comes from this other place and then it turns into I that could have been like a bad day or a bad week or whatever it was for me but I remember that as like that is all part of one of the one of the biggest days turning points in my life just realizing what this thing is and like what it can do and like something that is like ruining my day all the time like at school or whatever being like a kid is like now it's a it's like the source it's the topic of like a song which is you know which is very big for me important yeah flips it around now I look back at that day it's like one of the most important days happiest like inspired days that I still remember like so many vivid parts of that day
yeah through music so like our lives as we've grown up after after doing like what we've done in the past and the tools that we learned making music and everything through doing that I've both of us have been exposed and gotten in touch with people like like we've been able to do things like this and meet people like yourself because of people like you so thank you yeah thank you yeah thanks for doing everything you do and we're happy that we get to be a part of this and share something yeah we would love to be in touch in touch with people we get emails and we have some really great interesting conversations via just like someone saw something and you know go to that next slide there's a if you text that number or text I'll be our last name to that number we can stay in touch with you yeah email that 10 years ago we released an
EP I was called Amex is a song off that EP thank you it's a lot more adventurous the EP the song is with three four minutes and we've done a lot of expanding [Music] [Music]
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[Music] [Music] [Music] thank you very much thank you so much everybody thank you for having us a lot see you that throughout the day thank you so much Bronson thank you