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An experience that awes & inspires!

An event that compels you to think and think again. Speakers that leave you wanting more
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you’ve just learned is important and exhilarating.

This is the Imagine Solutions Conference.

Here’s how the Imagine Solutions Conference works:

  • Choose which speaker/ session you want to watch by clicking on the speaker photo below.

  • Sessions are available to watch 24/7 for the next four weeks beginning April 11, 2022.

  • Watch any/all speaker sessions over and over again. Stop it, restart it, pause it.

  • Keep your registration for your professional development credit through the Lee County School District.

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Conference 2022

Amazing People - Game Changers

Henry Elkus – Founder, HELENA.org

Cyber Warfare - America’s Greatest Threat

Michael S. Rogers – Former Director, National Security Agency & Former Commander, US Cyber Command

The Importance of Science

Marcia K. McNutt, Ph.D. – President, National Academy of Sciences

The Importance of Science

Sean B. Carroll, Ph.D. – Vice President, Science Education, HHMI

France A. Córdova, Ph.D. – President, Science Philanthropy Alliance

Amazing People - Game Changers

Richard Garriott – President, The Explorers Club

Ellen R. Stofan, Ph.D – Under Secretary for Science and Research, Smithsonian Institution

The Arts

Jeremy Siskind – Piano Visionary

Dario Gil, Ph.D. – Moderator, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Research, IBM

The History of Innovation

David Cole – President, Science History Institute

Breakthroughs in Science & Technology

Robert (Bobby) Braun – Director, Planetary Science – Mars Exploration Project

The Importance of Museums

Laura Lott – CEO, American Alliance of Museums

Robert Langer, Sc.D. – Co-founder Moderna

The Importance of Science

Ken Savin, Ph.D. – Senior Project Manager, NASA

Kevin Lynch, Ph.D. – Chair, Center for Robotics and Biosystems, Northwestern University


Nick Furhman, Ph.D. – Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Georgia

Amazing People - Game Changers

Gitanjali Rao – TIME magazine Kid of the Year