How Are We Different

How are we different than other conferences you know, know of – four distinct differences:

  • Our target audience

    We attract/have access to, the largest gathering of private sector leaders assembled, to participate in engaged learning on critical social issues. Our target audience is anchored by over 250 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, large number of owners of significant privately held companies, university presidents, etc. Our data base of influential private sector leaders has grown to 8,000+.

  • Our focus/format

    Is focus is 100% on relevant social/civic issues. We take a non- partisan approach, and borrowing from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – “we create knowledge that is actionable.” No politicians as speakers, all private sector thought leadership.

  • Multiple Programs to address audience interest levels

    Our experience has taught that our target audience will best respond to different levels to learning and involvement. We have created an integrated series of events, tiered to maximizing greater involvement:

    • An Annual Conference

      By invitation to 600 participants. Highly interactive learning, focused on actionable solutions.

    • Evening Sessions

      Offered to 1,400 per session. Co-hosted with a National Media/Content partner. An evening of learning on a critical subject/issue.

    • Seminar Workshops

      Hands on learning facilitated by one of our National Resource Partners on a specific critical issue.

Our strategy

Link learning with involvement. We ask each speaker, in telling their story, to offer one “big idea” that an audience of this substance can aspire to – not in detail – but a sentence, a concept, an aspiration. We recognize that we can potentially create a “community, a culture” of leadership who can resource, network, leverage from each other, from the speakers, sponsors, and others they have the ability to reach and influence – thus we endeavor to create a “menu” of actionable involvement paths – and if our initial conferences are an indication, we have had over 35% participate in follow on initiatives.

An Integrated Strategy offering Learning, Connecting, Action