The Outcomes


Simply put, we must learn before we can act. To that end, the 2011 conference addressed seven critical issues facing society today: Genomics, Energy, Education, Social Entrepreneurs, Women and Leadership, Insight and Wisdom, and Economy. Forty-four world-class thought leaders, experts in these areas, spoke on relevant topics and presented one or two actionable ideas that could lead to solutions.


Now our online community – exclusive to our members, speakers, sponsors and staff – allows the Imagine Solutions family to contact, communicate, learn, and take action. Go to the “Community” tab of this website or click here to enroll.


  • Do what you feel:

    Individual Initiatives: Contact a speaker whose story moved you and see how you can help.

  • Do what you can:

    Influence Initiatives: Pursue ways you can connect speakers through your colleagues, friends, and associates.

  • Do what’s needed:

    Group Initiatives: Join together with like-minded members to develop a solution.


  • A new 8th grade curriculum based on Imagine Solutions Social Entrepreneur programs, teaching kids how to use business practices to develop social solutions.
  • An initiative that promotes the adoption of living wills as a means of controlling health care costs on a national basis.
  • An advisory council offering expertise on the expansion of a speaker program based in Washington, DC to new areas across the country.
  • The development of a music education program for Collier County schools based on a speaker David Wish’s Little Kids Rock program.
  • The creation of a local chapter of speaker Somaly Mam’s Foundation to defeat human trafficking.