speaker BIO

Jon Chapman

Jon Chapman is COO and co-founder of EverFi, a company that provides leading education media platforms to teach students the core concepts of financial literacy, student loan management, health and nutrition and other key life skills. Through its proprietary technology platform, the company is powering a national movement that enables foundations, corporations, school districts and universities to launch community-based programs in a variety of off-curriculum subjects. Currently in over 2,000 schools across 48 states, EverFi’s award-winning platform is designed to provide an exciting and engaging experience for students. The program features the latest in new media, including 3D simulations, messaging tools, animations, high-definition video and adaptive-pathing.

Jon is involved in every part of the business. He leads all product development, design and strategy involving each of EverFi’s platforms. His responsibilities take him throughout the country, often speaking at financial engagements, meeting with schools, and steering the software development and primary research behind emerging products.