Artificial Intelligence – It’s Here and you are Unprepared

Your job, your finances, your health care. Artificial Intelligence is already a major force in your life…and you ain’t seen nothing, yet.

Discover just how much you don’t know

Join us as the 2018 Imagine Solutions Conference presents Luke Dormehl, leading-edge thinker and New York Times bestselling author of


The Quest for Artificial Intelligence and Where it’s Taking Us Next

Learn what it all will mean to you, your children and grandchildren.

How can they plan today for something that won’t exist until tomorrow?

Luke Dormehl will discuss:

The New York Times Book Review and Ray Kurzweil (a major technology thought leader) are highly complementary that Luke Dormehl makes this complex, fast-evolving science understandable to the layman. He is a good storyteller, shows us the breadth of a new landscape that Artificial Intelligence will enable—and suggests the unanswered questions we should be asking.

Join us for this important learning opportunity!

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Protecting ourselves, our businesses, our country from the omnipresent threat of a cyber attack – You have a lot to lose:

The Threat is Growing – The Hackers Are Winning

Who Are They?


We Are All Vulnerable

Get the Big Picture – Laura Galente, renowned cyber security expert


Laura Galente is a renowned expert on Cyber security. She was a featured speaker at the TED Conference in May 2017. She appeared before the UN Security Council’s meeting on cybersecurity. She frequently appears on: CNN, Bloomberg, NPR, BBC, The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the Associated Press, and other global and industry media.

Laura will open your eyes to this omnipresent threat. She will help us all understand how to peel back the layers that hackers are capable of creating—to shut you down, to misdirect you, to misinform us all.

Today, there is no silver bullet, no strategy that is winning. Laura will outline information and key insights that we all should know, and may help turn the corner on this plague.

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Watch a video of Laura Galante at her 2017 Ted Talk